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Building Walls – Breaking Walls Ticino 2019

7 – 15 April 2019, Mergoscia TI / Switzerland

Young adults from Switzerland, Ireland and Northern Ireland, Israel and Palestine came together in the Italian part of Switzerland (Canton of Ticino). They explored the life and culture of the other participants, discussed conflicts and challenges around borders and walls in the different countries, cooked together and experienced Swiss cultural heritage through building a stonewall in the mountains.

“At home we have many problems between Israeli and Palestinians, between Jews and Arabs. But here we meet as friends and can speak freely about anything.”
– Shay, participant from Israel

“When I think of walls, I immediately think of the separation wall between Catholics and Protestants in Belfast. But the walls we renovate here are useful and good for the environment. I am happy, that we built them together!”
– Ryan, participant from Northern Ireland

“Building Walls – Breaking Walls Ticino” will take place in Valle de Verzasca (Verzasca Valley), in the lovely ecovillage of Campo Cortoi, above the town of Mergoscia. A cooperation with our partners Pro Mergoscia and Urs Nüesch Waldbau und Landschaftspflege