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Building Walls – Breaking Walls Israel 2019

26 October – 4 November 2019, Kibbutz Lotan / Israel

Young adults from Switzerland, Ireland and Northern Ireland, Israel and Palestine built together a natural mud wall in the southern desert of Israel, in Kibbuz Lotan. Kibbuz Lotan is an ecological eduaction village in the Southern Arava Desert in Israel (north of Eilat).

The participants explored conflicts and challenges around borders and walls in the different countries, shared cultural life, cook together and experienced Middle East cultural heritage and Kibbuz life.

Topics of the discussions were:

– Stereotypes about each participating countries and how to overcome them

– the role of culture and religions in multicultural societies

– typical and traditional holidays and rituals in each country

– presentation of each participating country

Furthermore, the group experienced a night out in the desert and an excursion to the Red Sea and to Eilat.

By end of the week, the European groups had an educational tour in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

“The things that I like the most about this project would be the friendships beeing built, to learn about different cultures, different ways of life and my highlight of the project was sleeping in the desert under the stars.” – Daryl, participant from Northern Ireland

„Am Projekt Building Walls – Breaking Walls fasziniert mich die Arbeit in der natürlichen Umgebung, welche wir zusammen mit einheimischen Profis erlernen und vor allem auch die Diversität an Menschen, die am Projekt teilnehmen und innert kürzester Zeit zu Freunde werden.“ – Till, participant from Switzerland