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Building Walls – Breaking Walls Switzerland Jura 2018

16. – 24. september 2018, Grenchenberg (SO) / Switzerland

Participant’s Statements

I had one of the most amazing weeks of my life on the exchange and brought back so many memories and good feelings from my time on the Jura mountains. From the masterful craft of dry stone wall buidling to the deep conversation around peace, barriers and cultures the week was a 10/10. What I will take from the “Building Walls – Breaking Walls” exchange is a better understanding of divided cultures and why it’s important to embrace your culture without stomping on another one.

Ryan, Northern Ireland




“Building Walls – Breaking Walls” isch eini vo de beste Erfahrige gsi, wo ig je erläbt ha. Wo ig aacho bi, isches für mi schwirig gsi, mit au dene Kulture woni nid gwüsst ha wie sie si. Aber desto meh hets mi überrascht, dass mir am Schluss wiene Familie gsi si. Ds Projekt het mini iistellig gägenüber angerne Kulture veränderet und mir zeigt, dassme nid uf Vorurteil lose, sondern sich säuber es Biud mache söu.

Stefan, Deutschschweiz